Generally known as Fnux on the web, I am a student in computer science at EPFL. Apart from my studies, I am an ‘active’ member of the GNU Generation (promoting free software) and Unipoly (promoting sustainability) student associations. I also spend a non-negligeable amount of time reading and have interest in norse mythology and japanese culture. I wish I would go hiking more often - Switzerland is a beautiful country - so feel free to ask me to if you’re in the neighborhood.

You can contact me by email at timothee.floure@$thisdomain or ping fnux on Freenode. The fingerprint of my PGP public key is FDCD C462 E3D2 7AFE 4033 9356 EFFB D1D8 331E D8E6, you can get the full key on keys.fedoraproject.org.

I work on and with a few of things, including but not limited to: