Welcome to my home in cyberspace!

I am a computer-person living in french-speaking Switzerland, doing system engineering at ungleich. I especially enjoy reading, gardening, hiking and climbing but also have interest in norse mythology and, to some extent, japanese culture. You can find me in various free software and ecology-related communities in Lausanne and its surrounding. Tell me if you pass nearby, as I’ll gladly go out for a coffee, beer or hike!

You can contact me by email at timothee.floure@domain.tld, replacing domain.tld by posteo.net. The fingerprint of my PGP public key is FDCD C462 E3D2 7AFE 4033 9356 EFFB D1D8 331E D8E6, you can get the full key here.

I work on and with a few of things, including but not limited to: