Timo's webspace

I am a reconverting GNU/Linux system administrator, who would rather be working in a farm than sitting behind a computer (there's progress!). I've worked in various places over the last few years - from vineyard to datacenter, stopping by renovation work - and am currently working my own (mobile?) bakery project. I live in Switzerland.

I still do some computer-work here and there to round off the months, though: you can contact me if you need some help with system engineering, software development... setting up a website or just fixing your computer :-) You're especially welcome if you come from the balfolk or agriculture worlds.

You can contact me (Timothée Floure) at timothee.floure@domain.tld, replacing domain.tld by posteo.net. I am usually seen online using the tfloure or fnux usernames. Note: I am traveling and am mostly unreachable until ~Mai/June 2023.

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