I am moving away from my self-hosted services. Managing your own infrastructure have advantages but, well, takes time to maintain and ties you up to the Internet. It’s not much to do overall but I do not want to it pile up to my day-to-day life anymore, or to be in the way of any of my plans.

I used self-hosting as a response against governance and privacy concerns with world-sized services but do not consider it an appropriate answer anymore. It works, for sure, yet cannot be scaled beyond a handful (relatively to the Internet’s population) of people and thus is no solution. I wish for structures built somewhere between the world and individual scales: services for humans, by humans. We already have some - which now replace my self-hosted solutions - and I hope to see more appear over the years. To mention some, there is no avoiding the framasoft-backed chatons initiative in french-speaking Europe and my current email provider, of which I am very satisfied.

Self-hosting does not bring me much, and cost me quite a lot in the end: the balance is obvious. I do not see political nor techinical value in it anymore. I already deal with machines enough, and have better things to do with my time.